I'm Sarah. I'm a Mormon - which might mean something different than you think! (I know, vague, I'm working on a post explaining.) I have a rad husband. Here's a post about how we met, and here's one about our wedding. We live in Houston, Texas but I'm originally from Utah. We're expecting a baby girl in November. We are over the moon excited and a little afraid. 

I actually work from home, blogging, of all things. The site that doubles as my small business is called Pretty Providence and it's a frugal lifestyle blog that I run with my best friend Jess. We started it just for fun when she had just had her first baby and I was still finishing up my undergrad degree. We both have a passion for the frugal life and decided it would be fun. Then we started making a little money on it here and there and it's pretty much turned into a part-to-full-time job for both of us - it's a dream! 

I also really like to quote funny movies, listen to music (my favorite is rap, but my tastes are all over the place), throw parties, eat delicious food, watch TV, tackle D.I.Y. projects for my house, shop garage sales with my husband, hang out with family and/or friends, and hang out on twitter. 

This blog is where I post whatever I want  - mostly just a place to share things I like. I hope you find something you like here, too!