Thursday, September 4, 2014

throwback thursday: leo and me

In 1998 I saw Titanic and fell into a deep, teeny-bopper kind of love with Leonardo DiCaprio. I'd had crushes on boys in my neighborhood and at school before, but this was different. I mean, I could not get enough of looking at his handsome mug.

Around this time, the disney channel was airing re-runs of Growing Pains, and there was an entire season where Leo was basically their foster kid. I taped all of the episodes on VHS and watched them over and over again. I rented other movies he'd been in - What's Eating Gilbert Grape, The Man in the Iron Mask, etc. I collected those Teen magazines with all the fun facts about him that came with fold-out posters. I still remember his birthday (November 11th!) and that his mom took him to K-Mart and bought him a baby blue turtleneck before his first big audition. After a while I had 12 posters of Leo on the walls of my bedroom. Twelve! The infatuation was REAL.

leonardo dicaprio on growing pains

I was only ten at this time, and of course I didn't know how weird I was. I'm sure my parents got a kick out of the whole thing. Or maybe they were worried? But the obsession lasted probably a year before it fizzled out and was replaced with less-intense crushes on certain members of Backstreet Boys and N*Sync.

Who was your first celebrity crush? Were you as obsessive as I was? Maybe it's a phase lots of kids go through... or maybe that's just what I will tell myself!


  1. I don't think I ever had just one person that I loved, I couldn't focus on just one! Leo was super cute, I was a huge fan!

  2. Your Leo crush was adorable. I wasn't a Leo fan, but because he seemed SO MUCH older than me (which is weird in hindsight, because he's not).

  3. Love that you know all the Leo trivia! My 4th grade BFF claimed JTT so I liked Jonathan Brandis (whaaaa?) and Rider Strong, ha! Then in 7th grade I saw Good Will Hunting and fell in love with Matt Damon. Totally didn't pack that DVD so you can borrow it!