Tuesday, August 26, 2014

to snoogle or not to snoogle.

Is the Snoogle worth the cost?

Yes, this is a post dedicated to a big, ridiculous pregnancy pillow. It may seem pointless, but earlier in my pregnancy I did a ton of research on these pillows. I was looking for a post like this. I wanted to know "Is the snoogle worth it?" but there was nothing. I started having trouble sleeping and had heard good things about these from friends who were pregnant before me. When I looked at them in stores and online though, I could not bring myself to pay $50-$75 for a pillow. A PILLOW. And not even a pretty one. I mean, look at the thing.

Buzz, your pillow. Woof.

I proceeded to cope with my sleep problems creatively. The pillow fortress began. I was using six pillows every night, yes, six, which is one less pillow than we own. There were two nights that we had guests and I had to sleep without four of the pillows (in the name of being a hostess) and I barely slept. I was so uncomfortable. I am normally a back sleeper and sleeping on my side is still super uncomfortable. I found myself waking up flat on my back (which you're not really supposed to do after the first trimester) so even on the days when my back didn't hurt I couldn't sleep because I was so paranoid about that. Every day I would look at Snoogles online and go back and forth. Was it worth it? Was it really worth it?! Maybe it was!

Then I remembered that my friend had said she bought one on craigslist.

Wait. A used pillow? Yes. I started looking on craigslist too, but was not interested in a used one unless it was pretty much new, would require little driving to pick up and $25 or less. After a few weeks, it happened. The perfect Snoogle was listed, and I texted the girl. It was still available. She said she had tried it once and it took up too much of their bed so she never used it again. $25 cash and a ten minute drive and it was mine!

I picked it up, sprayed it up and down with lysol, washed the cover, and never looked back. Judge me! It honestly did look like it had never been used. It's amazing, and has helped me sleep better ever since. Pardon her french, but even the non-pregnant can appreciate this pillow.

best pregnancy pillow, the snoogle

Sure, it's a luxury and not necessary. My pillow fortress was doing okay for me, but every time I woke up in the night I was rearranging pillows. Turning from side to side was a nightmare because I had to once again arrange them *just so.* Maybe this all seems like I'm a spoiled brat? Maybe I am? But sleep is a big deal for me and I'm a monster if I don't get enough. The answer is yes, the Snoogle is worth it. I have no experience with other brands but I'm guessing they are similarly worth it. And there are plenty of these, like-new, floating around on craigslist if anyone is cheap like me and wants to buy one secondhand. 


  1. This is good to know!! If and when that day comes, I might be borrowing your Snoogle if you're not pregnant at the same time ;)