Saturday, April 19, 2014

sometimes 4th grade Sarah needs to nerd out.

This post brought to you by BIC 4-Color pen. All opinions are 100% mine.

I know I'm not the only one who loves getting new office supplies. I've always gotten really excited about pens in particular. When I was a kid I had one of those righteous collections of gel pens and I would do all my homework assignments in all different colors, some glittery, some metallic, some neon. I also had one that had multiple colors all in one, and I was the envy of my classmates. For real. 

So when I heard about the new BIC® 4-Color™ pen I thought it would be fun to try it out because, nostalgia. Just like when I was 10, I'm always doodling. I keep notebooks all over the house and I write things in bubble letters and draw patterns while I'm chatting on the phone or brainstorming. I make lists and write in my planner. As the name implies, there are 4 Inseparable Colors in 1 Pen: green, blue, red and black. It's fun to be able to switch them around according to how I feel and I especially love having the different colors for my planner. I can write blog calendar stuff in green, family stuff in blue, and so on. I think the one that is most "me" is green, because it's a little bit different and it's one of my fave colors so it puts me in a good mood! 

Here are a couple fun videos about the color personalities:

There are 4 Colors in 1 Pen but they long to be themselves. Blue is kinda cocky, Green is a food enthusiast (again, so me!) Black is trying to be the master of the world, and Red is a total "Type A." Which one is most like you?

If you want to treat yourself to a fun new pen you can buy this on Amazon or and check BIC® out on Facebook and Twitter.

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