Friday, April 25, 2014

26 before 27.

Let's try this again, shall we? I am so excited about these goals and I think they are all totally do-able. I am printing this off right now and I'm going to hang the list on my fridge so I don't just forget them. If I get at least two done a month I'll be in good shape! 

I would like to make this a yearly tradition from now on. We did it last year and I love those pictures!

When I see Art Cars around Houston I just think they are so fun. I had never seen anything like them before I moved here! I really want to see the Art Car parade this year and I'm marking my calendar now. It's on May 10 and I will be there.

We've been hoarding. The two music lovers that live under this roof have not been able to let go of our huge, huge CD collections. We've got way too many and they just sit there because it's all backed up digitally and we listen from our phones. So what are we doing hoarding the CD's? We need to just rip the band-aid off and get rid of them so they don't keep taking up space. I know we won't regret it! 

Farmers Markets are one of the happiest kind of places, in my opinion, but I haven't been to one in over a year. I don't know why? 

I've never sent out Christmas cards! It's so lame I know... but we've just never made it a priority. I think once I do this I will feel like a real adult. Jk I'll never feel like an adult, but this is a step in the right direction.

I seriously have anger toward our TV stand situation right now. We have our TV sitting on top of a bookshelf and cords are everywhere. It needs to go.

I know, everyone who isn't from Utah is like "shut up about Cafe Rio already!" but I can't. I miss it so much you guys. I have a good recipe for copying their sweet pork but I haven't made it since I moved here because I'm lazy. I want to make a big batch and invite people over to enjoy it with me!

Haven't had either of these for so long because I would usually rather spend my extra cash on a nice meal or a new shirt, but I think I need to pamper myself in this way sometimes too. My nails could sure use it! 

With so many opportunities, I'm still not making it out to any of the outdoor movies in the park and this needs to change. 

We have a great backyard and we have big dreams for it. We'd like to have some furniture back there so we can hang out and maybe BBQ? Some shade would be nice, and of course lawn games. Badminton and Corn Hole are our favorites. I hope we can at least get something more going on back there. 

There are so many free museums in Houston and they all seem really cool. The only one I've actually attended is The Children's Museum with my nephews. I'd love to visit one of the more grown up ones. The Menil Collection? The Museum of Natural History? Etc.

I don't know what kind yet, but I love to plan and throw parties, and I need to get more use out of my party supply hoard! 

I have photos of Jacob + I hung up around the house but almost none of the rest of our family, simply because what we do have printed are wedding photos or engagements from way back when. Since we don't see our family as often anymore I really want to have pictures of them to look at on a daily basis. I want our home to reflect the things and people we care about most! 

I would never have just chosen to get involved with cub scouts, but I really love it now and I want to be a great den mother for the lil cubs! They are good kids and they deserve to do fun things. Our budget is super small and there are a lot of constraints, like we can't take them anywhere in a car. I don't want to spend much of my own money, but I know if I think hard enough I can plan some really fun things! 

This might seem silly, but I've wanted to make my own popsicles for a long time. I just think it seems really fun and yummy! 

Sometimes small things that are easy just don't get done because they're small. We've got multiple doors and windows with pretty much no privacy just because we don't spend time in those rooms. But that's silly. We need privacy as well as to keep the heat out and save on our A/C bill! 

Along with our home reflecting things we care about, I would like to have more art that reflects our faith. I found an illustration that I'm absolutely in love with of the temple we got married in, and I really want to purchase it and frame it. I'd also like to find a good illustration or painting of Jesus Christ, because He is my savior and I want to have a visual reminder of Him in my home! 

I've had a really good idea to make a photo book for someone I love for a long time. I just haven't gotten around to it. This year is the year. I think that it will be one of the best gifts I ever give if I can just make it happen!

As I mentioned in my 25 before 26 list, we spend all our travel money on visiting family in Utah, which I'm so grateful to be able to do. However, I miss the vacations and long weekends Jacob and I used to take together just the two of us. We need to go on a couples getaway! 

I would like to have another savings account open so that I can separate short-term savings from long-term. 

Spending a Saturday (or any day) focusing solely on figuring out my camera and what it can do would be so helpful. Every time I need to learn how to do something I figure it out at the last minute, but I really just need to set specific time to practice. 

Rollovers from last year's list:

You guys, if you only knew how bad it looks. I painted it last year but it was not a good color and then in our move it got all chipped up. It's great furniture, but looks atrocious right now.

I still want to find a happy mail pal, so obviously I have to send some happy mail in order to start that! I can't just sit here and think someone will send me a fun package unprovoked. No more passive Sarah. I'm going to do this and it's going to be so fun. 

I'd like to see both in the next year, but if I can just get to one of them I'll be a happy camper.

Recommendations por favor? If it would be rated R in movie form I don't want to read it, but otherwise I don't care what it is I just love the kind of books that grip you and make you not want to put them down. I've always wanted to read Man's Search for Meaning so I'm putting that one here so I don't forget.

Considering that I only made this one by the skin of my teeth last time around, I want to make this a priority again and do it sooner. I feel so proud when I successfully sew something, I just don't get my machine out enough. 


  1. I was just thinking that I haven't been to the Art Car Parade since I was like, 10, and I really want to go again. This could be a thing, or I could crash your date with your husband, just saying :) There is also an Art Car Museum so that could count for one! You have so many fun things on your list and really, I want to butt in on as many of them as you will have me for. Great list!

  2. Omgosh! please do the pork recipe. we have cafe rio here (montana) and we LOVE it!

  3. I am totally open to making that mani/pedi thing happen any time you want! Could be fun for our next girls outing!