Friday, February 14, 2014

this week 5 years ago: facebook stalking, and how 'hot rod' changed my life.

This week five years ago, Jacob called me and asked me out on our first date. On that first phone call, we immediately bonded over the best movie ever: Hot Rod. I had this song as my ringback tone (remember those?) so when he called, he complimented me on it.

Jacob: I like your ringback tone.
Me: Thanks, it's from my favorite movie! Hot Rod, have you seen it?
Jacob: Have I seen it? Hot Rod is my favorite movie.

And we knew. Maybe you've never seen Hot Rod and want to know what song I'm talking about? This scene is one of the best in the whole movie. One of. Gosh that whole movie is incredible. Behold:

So we set the date, Saturday night, Valentine's Day. I spent the week speculating about how the date would go, shopping with my friend Chelsea for something cute to wear, painting my nails and facebook stalking him. The usual, right? I went to dinner with my Dad and told him how impressed I was that this boy was actually asking me on a real date on the hallmark holiday most men avoid like the plague. I knew he was a man.

My best friend Syb was Facebook stalking him too. She and I were talking in our room and it went like this.

Syb: "I looked at his Facebook."
Me: "Oh you did?"
Syb: "You guys are the exact same person."

Here are a few of the photos on his FB profile at the time.

Handmade Hot Rod halloween costume                         Playing the drums at some festival.            

Jacob with his brothers and sister. Loving your family is an attractive quality, am I right?
His 'likes.'

Don't worry, I would soon find out he was FB stalking me too. Then we went on our fantastic first date and basically never spent another day apart. Two weeks later, we were at a party and committing some pretty terrible PDA crimes (sorry everyone who was there, we were drunk in love) and he told me that he would be changing his relationship status. Seven months later we were married for time and all eternity and we still love to watch Hot Rod together, among other funny things.

Sarah and Jacob

Here's another one of our favorite parts of the movie: 

It's a funny thing, how having the same sense of humor or being able to quote the same movie can bring people together. Has this ever happened to you? Did facebook play a role in your love story?


  1. Awww! What a sweet story :) Didn't you feel a ton of pressure having a first date on Valentine's Day? I think the best relationships are made when people connect over something that seems silly, but really has high value in your eyes. Because I'm an old lady, I met my husband before Facebook :) But I stalked him at his work, a restaurant, eating there all the time with my friends!

  2. This is adorable! What a sweet way to connect--and even better that you guys have a movie attached to your love story that you can watch over and over!! Facebook didn't play a role in our love story (because it so didn't exist back then-hah) but he and I connected deeply over FRIENDS. And we quote it incessantly. And we still watch it together all the time.

  3. What a sweet post! I am sad to admit that I've never seen Hot Rod but I'll be adding it to my queue immediately! And I truly feel that the best relationships are the ones where you can laugh together!

  4. You're precious. I remember you telling me that you bonded over Hot Rod but you did not mention the costume! How could you leave out the best part?

  5. Facebook played a role in my love story, but it wasn't the best role! Maybe I was being too harsh and judgmental (okay... fine I WAS being too harsh and judgmental). I stalked his Facebook and saw he hung out with people that I used to know (small world). But I knew these people were into certain illegal things that I definitely didn't want my partner in crime to be into. I actually texted him and said "Sorry I wasted your time" because I didn't want to meet up with him anymore. Turns out, I totally misjudged the situation and him. But long story short, here we are madly in love just a few short months later! haha