Monday, February 17, 2014

my review of cheap movie theaters in houston.

cute old vintage movie theater photo - villa theatre salt lake city 1949
The now closed Villa Theatre in Salt Lake City circa 1949.
 I saw Flubber there. We listened to Tubthumping on the way.

Let me break this down. I love going to the movies, and prefer to see movies at the theater than at home on the couch.  Thankfully my husband shares the sentiment. We watch enough TV at home, so we like the whole experience of going out to a movie. This being said, if you know me even a little bit you are aware that I do NOT like paying full price for anything movies. Once in a while we do it, if we're invited by friends/family and don't want to be losers about it, or if something totally rad like Harry Potter is coming out & we're dying from excitement.

So before we moved to Houston I looked up movie theaters in the areas we were looking for housing, no joke, because I wanted to know that there would be a place for us to see movies! There are actually a lot here, which is good because the regular movie theaters prices are higher here too. So because I'm that much of a nerd, I'm going to share what theaters we've been to, review and compare prices. Maybe this will interest someone else? Maybe it will interest no one?

All the prices I share are going to be for 2D night-time movies.

HOUSTON -- Since I happen to live on the south-ish side that's what I know so that's what I will review.

Super Cheap: Premiere Nasa Dollar 8: older movies, last stop before dvd release
Adult: $2, $1 on Tuesdays. This theater is old and not really that nice but it does it's job and it's never crowded so we frequent.

Cheap: Pearland Premiere 6: $3.50 brand new movies I have two words for you... not clean. But we just sit down and don't touch anything. Who cares? We get to go on a movie date for $7!

Cheap: Texas City Cinemark Movies 12: $4.75 brand new movies Old, clean, and the people watching is entertaining enough by itself. The movie is just a bonus.

Pretty Cheap: Pasadena Cinemark Hollywood Movies 20: $6.75 brand new movies Still haven't been here but I plan to go very soon!

Splurge: Cinemark: $9.00 or $10.00 & Super Splurge: Edwards Greenway: $11.00 ewww - I don't care how nice or new a theater is. It's just not worth paying $25 for two people to see a movie.

Premiere Cinemas has other cheap theaters in the Houston area and other parts of TX, I just haven't been to them. I've been hoping to try out Star Cinema Grill soon, on Tuesdays and Thursdays their tickets are $6. Anyone been? How is the food?! Studio Movie Grill has Groupon deals often but I'm never on that side of town.

I'm also, against my better judgment, probably going to check out Wellborne Cinema 4 in Alvin that was closed, but has just been completely renovated and has just opened again. Rumors are the tickets are $5. 


  1. I've never been to any of these since im on the opposite side of the city but I absolutely love Studio movie Grill! It's definitely a splurge but it's so fun to be able to have a nice dinner while you watch a movie. I recommend the coconut chickens trips :)

  2. I definitely recommend Star Cinema Grill! It's so close to you and cheaper than Cinemark. It's nice and clean and relatively new-ish. The food is good but it will increase the price of your movie theater experience.

  3. Thank you for this post! I didn't know we had cheap theaters!! I figured everything in this city was high dollar!! haha

  4. I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check it out

  5. We're lucky to have a pretty nice 2nd run movie theater here for $3.99. But there's no more actual $1 theaters where we live! I do love the theater experience, but it's not worth $11 to me!