Friday, January 31, 2014

three funny things for your friday afternoon.

Today I want to share three of my favorite reads. I look forward to Fridays because they always deliver really funny stuff for me to enjoy, as well as the obvious "it's the freakin' weekend" reason.

First stop: Neon Fresh - This Is How I Feel. Roo comes up with the best gifs and captions to go with them. I dare you to not get hooked on them! (There are 43 editions for you to enjoy before waiting for next week. You're welcome.) 

When Jack asks, “What do you want me to order from the Girl Scouts at our front door?”

Next stop: Mandatory - 20 Funniest Tweets of the Week by Rob Fee. This is how I find new funny people to follow on twitter! There are always a few guaranteed laughs out loud. 

Next I catch up with this tumblr - Just Say Amen Already. The posting is at random times throughout the week so I wait to check it on Fridays. This is the gif that made me laugh so hard I cried & get hooked on the blog forever. To some of you this might make no sense, because it is dedicated to pointing and laughing at mormon culture. It's the things we are all thinking, but are afraid to say. LOVE IT. And it's okay for her to do this, because she is a mormon convert who loves the gospel but thinks a lot of the cultural stuff is silly. I happen to agree with her on pretty much everything. You don't have to be mormon to like it though, I know a lot of non-mormons that get a kick out of it too.

When the Bishop tells me I am being released from my calling.

I hope you guys find some laughs today! 


  1. I love funny tweets! They are such a nice reprieve in some of the monotony of the feed :) That one about the baby is hilarious - and true! For this non-mom at least :)

  2. Break it down, Wednesday Addams! And you blogged two days in a row and I am seeing your name on other people's blogs AND I SEE YOU TOMORROW?? So really this is a great Sarah day :)

  3. YES YES YES to the EV-ERY-THING girl scout cookie thing. I WANT THEM ALL!! Thanks for the laughs!! And happy Friday!! Have fun with Laurent tomorrow :)

  4. Now I want some Girl Scout cookies! Thanks for that!! =P