Sunday, January 12, 2014

like a boss.

home office with like a boss banner

I finally got my office set up at my house and it feels so good to have somewhere to work! I have a lot of plans for it as far as decorating the walls, but as of now it's functional and cute enough. I needed to take pictures of it for the desk blog post and felt like there should be something up on the wall so I quickly made the "like a boss" banner, and I'm actually kind of in love with it.

I only made one new years resolution for 2014. I am going to focus on keeping track of my expenses, both business and personal. All year I kept my receipts for Pretty Providence expenses in this little box:

UM. Nightmare right? All year I knew I should be doing something better with these, and keeping my records better but I didn't know how or where to start so I just let it continue with the receipt stuffing. Does this remind anyone of Nick's box?

So here's to being better about the record-keeping in 2014. I am sure that this will indirectly help me feel less stressed this year as well as keep me more accountable about my spending! I've got to stick to the budget. (This house tempts me to overspend like I've never been tempted before.)

Here's to doing 2014 LIKE A BOSS.


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