Thursday, December 19, 2013

houston family christmas party.

Saturday we had a fun Christmas/Birthday celebration. Jacob's brother Dan, his wife Pamela & their new baby girl Sawyer came to visit us and we loooooved it. That chubby baby is so sweet. 

There was an ugly sweater buffet, potato soup in bread bowls for dinner and german chocolate cake for dessert, we exchanged gifts and played "The game of Things" (super fun party game.)
Also, this is the best group shot we got. Of course the one where everyone else is looking & smiling, I'm waving at the baby.

I got a new tripod from my mama & we had to try it out with my t3i & the remote I got to go along with it. Remotes are so cheap & I highly recommend. No one has to run to get in the pic! Notice the Alabama booties we got for Sawyer. Her momma is a diehard fan & she loves them too.

The guests of honor. Look at that baby!

Girl photo. Remote in hand. For some reason all of the photos from this night were extremely YELLOW. I edited them the best I could in iphoto... but this definitely makes me want to learn more about my camera. I'm sure I could have gotten better photos if I had changed the settings a little. I also might need get all natural light bulbs in my house or something.

I got my nephews a Llama Llama book for Christmas because they have so many toys. The cool Aunt & Uncle got them more legos. Am I so lame?! I feel lame. Oh well. This party was so much fun though. I now feel like Christmas has officially started, and we get to go to Utah on Friday and that will be a non-stop eleven day party. Bring on the fun.


  1. Ok, the chubby baby is pretty darn cute :) I'm going to look into that game you recommended, thanks for the tip! I hope you have a great trip to Utah visiting family and friends!! Merry Christmas!