Wednesday, December 18, 2013

and on wednesdays, we wear pink go to niko niko's

When I got to Houston, my Sister in Law Jen, who is my BFF, couldn't stop raving about the gyros at Niko Niko's. We went there and I liked the gyro, really I liked everything. I kept trying new things trying to find my "one thing" and I just liked it all. It's just good food. Before I moved here, she would sometimes just go there alone with her kids, which is a pretty brave thing for a mom with two kids to do. She thought that gyro was worth it.

Now it's become a weekly tradition. We go to our fave dance class (Z Belly Bolly) and then head to Niko Niko's for lunch. I usually get the greek side salad, she orders the gyro, and we get a fish kids meal and a chicken kids meal for the boys, but we kinda all share the fries and rice that come with said kids meals. The kids plates are huge, they never make a dent.

The salad is so good. I am picky about veggies so I take out everything but the feta cheese and lettuce, but wow, it's divine. I like our little routine. Do you have any weekly traditions like this?


  1. Yummmm is it bad that I don't think I have ever gotten anything besides the chicken wrap with garlic spinach and melty cheese? Now I want that for lunch...

    1. Oohhhh I haven't had that... I might have to try it today. It's Wednesday so we'll be there (Montrose around 12:30! in case you want to join us!)

  2. The gyros there are sooo amazing! I need to make another trip out there soon.