Monday, December 16, 2013

a thanksgiving for the books.

Thanksgiving 2013 was the bombtrack. We got to host and I was pretty nervous about it, until like the day before when the house was clean and the prep was underway, I finally felt relaxed and I could tell it was all going to be awesome. It is worth noting though, that I had to get the turkey ready and into the brining bag all by myself, and just handling that 14-lb raw bird was probably the most terrifying thing I've ever had to do.

Jacob volunteered to roast the turkey. We used Pioneer Woman's turkey brine recipe & roasting instructions

I kind of have mix and match dishes so I decided to go with a turquoise, black and white theme for the table and use paper goods from my party stash. Then there would be a lot less dishes to do. I really thought it turned out nicely! I wrote "give thanks" on all the black cups with a silver sharpie to add a little thanksgiving touch to them.

There were apps galore. We had a veggie tray, pigs in a blanket, chips and dip and I can't even remember the rest.

We took some family pictures by the fireplace...

You know what was one of the best parts of hosting? We got to choose the menu. We left out all the stuff none of us liked (green bean casserole... ew) and made extra of the stuff we do like (apple-pom salad!) and we also got to choose the music, rap mostly, and we basically had a five hour dance party while we were cooking.

I made the cranberries this year, the recipe for which I also got from Pioneer Woman. She's the best. 
I also wore my Thanksgiving Sweater for the 5th year running! It fits more snugly than it used to... but I love it. Doesn't it look kind of pilgrim-ish? 

 The finished turkey. Doesn't it look yummy? It was. This is my fave picture, not only is Jacob hilarious, but Jen's accidental photobomb is classy. Also pictured: Mark mashing the potatoes.

We had two of Jacob's co-workers join us for the meal as well, and we all had a great time. One of his co-workers is from Sweden and he brought this delicious Salmon with a cheesy hollandaise sauce. It was divine. We finished off the evening with some Tollhouse Pie and the Muppets/Lady Gaga Holiday Spectacular.


  1. Nothing says Thanksgiving like the Muppets and Lady Gaga Holiday Spectacular! haha You are so creative and festive, I love all the special touches like the black mugs and sayings!

    1. For the record the spectacular was awesome, gaga changed her hair for every song and it was pretty bizarre! She really is entertaining to watch though.

  2. I seriously read your blog and wonder how you are even friends with me because you are so dang adorable and precious and I am a mess.YOU WROTE ON THE CUPS TO MAKE THEM FESTIVE AND YOU OWN A PARTY STASH AND A PILGRIM SWEATER. I just can't. So basically I am crashing all your parties from now on, kay?

    1. HA I am a hot mess all of the time Lauren! I just happen to be a hot mess who hoards party supplies. :) and yes please crash them... I'm inviting you to crash the parties.