Wednesday, December 11, 2013

25 before 26 progress report.

You guys I'm feeling pretty bad about this! I have four months left before my time is up on this list and I have a lot of work ahead of me. Maybe I should print this out and put it on my fridge?

1. Buy a house! This was the big one and we managed to pull it off. Yay!

2. Read at least one book per month. I did this for the first few months, and I even joined a book club! But they kept choosing books I didn't want to read and I kinda stopped going. I really want to read more books though. I've been thinking about starting the Divergent series? Anyone want to give me that push I need?

3. Go on a road trip to the South.  Tentative plan - visit my BFF Syb in Durham by way of New Orleans and Atlanta.

4. Eat fruit and veggies daily. Well I've been better. In September I did this, and I watched my calories and lost 6.5 lbs! Then in October I gained all of it back. But if at first you don't succeed...

5. Sew something. Anything. Well I unpacked the machine, so that's one step in the right direction!

6. See Jim Gaffigan live. I am so afraid this is not going to be physically possible! I keep looking at tickets but he's not coming to TX any time soon. I won't throw in the towel yet...

7. Repurpose a free piece of junk furniture. I troll craigslist regularly but everything scares me! And one of my best friends just had bed bugs and now I'm totally paranoid. This one might need to be free from a friend. HMMM. Does something I already have that was free count?

8. Find a happy mail pal. I got to send some fun mail to our Pretty Providence contributors! But no, I don't think I can count that.

9. Attend a blog conference. 

10. Watch The Big Bang Theory. I *think* my husband has me covered on this one... I put those DVD seasons high on my priorities for Christmas! I mean not all of them but maybe the first one at least? I'll keep you posted.

11. Make friends in Houston.

12. Buy a DSLR camera.  

13. Learn photoshop and illustrator. Have not even tried. I'm in a groove with GIMP.

14. Get a plant and keep it alive. I got a plant to put in my flower pots on my porch and they lasted about three weeks. Well... I still think a succulent garden will work for me.

15. Throw a party. 

16. Adopt a pet. I'm thinking January is the month.

17. Refinish my bedroom furniture. also in the plans for January!

18. Blog here at least once a week. 

19. Decorate a cake. 

20. Plan a girls weekend. UM. Who wants to go on a girls weekend? 

21. Make a "dinner rotation" binder. 

22. I just realized there was no 22 on the original list. #fail

23. Visit Austin and San Antonio. I wonder if I am aiming too high for visiting these two cities AND doing my south road trip in four months? Probably.

24. Discover a new band or artist to be obsessed with. Why this has not happened yet I have no idea.

25. Plan a fancy date night with husband once a month. EEK. If fancy means me asking him to go to a dollar movie two hours before it starts then yes I'm doing great.


  1. I have so many blog friends in NC that I really want to visit there! You could always do a day trip to Austin and San Antonio. Granted, I am about an hour closer than you are but we have done several Austin day trips. Or we could have a girls weekend in Austin, just saying... I think you are doing great on your list, especially #11 :)

  2. I agree with the day tripper idea! :) What kind of music do you usually listen to? I've been looking for new obsessions too since Lana Del Rey got old lol

  3. I wanna do a girls weekend :) You've got a great list going, keep up the good work on progress!

  4. First of all, I SUCK for not following your personal blog!! Fixing that pronto. As I was stalking your old posts and saw this, I had to jump in: since I lived in the South for oh... 22 years... I definitely suggest travelling there and maybe taking a trip to Asheville or the Blue Ridge Parkway. I think you would love it!! Let me know if/when you go. We've driven that way soooo many times. :)