Thursday, November 21, 2013

weekend in houston with mom.

This post is past due. My mom came to visit about a month ago and it was glorious. I mean, I never lived more than 30 mins away from my parents for the first 25 years of my life, and even though I haven't been homesick, I miss my mom (and other fam members.) At the same time that I moved, she got a new job and where she used to be available for me to call her five times a day while she was working, that's not so much the case anymore. Which is so good for her, it's good to be busy, but I liked calling her five times a day! My mom is an angel for listening to me talk. I don't know how many hours she has listened for but... it's got to be close to 1 billion. She is also an angel because she brought me this:

Oh how I had missed Cafe Rio! This salad was heaven. Where do I campaign for them to open a store or ten in Houston?

The first day she was here we went to Galveston and walked around on the beach, the pier and then went to the Strand. The shops started looking the same after the first few but we did like it and enjoyed some Blue Bell at a table outside. The weather was divine that day.

Since I am so food-centric I was trying to fit in all kinds of places I thought we should eat. We went to the Black Eyed Pea one day (my first time too) and it was pretty good. Soul food. We liked some of it, and some we didn't (like the actual black-eyed peas.) It was fun though.

I really don't get fried okra. But I totally get chicken fried steak, cornbread dressing, and catfish!

I took her downtown one day too to show her around. We went to Torchy's Tacos (too busy devouring to take pics) and then to Brazos Bookstore. It's a sweet little place and we both loved looking at their selection. I mean I love Barnes & Noble too, but there's something about a smaller book store, where they curate what they keep in stock. Magical. I felt like I was in a brighter, happier 'shop around the corner.'

We also spent like four hours in Kuhl Linscomb. This store has everything women like. Five entire buildings full of home decor, furniture, gifts, beauty products, skin care, paper goods, kitchen stuff, books, etc. Wow. It was overwhelming but awesome.

When the time came for me to take her to the airport I was a little sad but I'm just glad she got to come. We'll see her at Christmas too so I'm just super excited for that!

When I was researching fun things to do with her, I found this. Too funny not to share. My mom definitely experienced the traffic first-hand!


  1. Is Kuhl-Linscomb expensive? I really want to check it out but if there's no point then I won't waste my time! Glad y'all had fun!

    1. Yeah, kinda. It's not like there's nothing affordable there, but most of the stuff you could get somewhere else for cheaper. It's pretty magical though! It was fun to get ideas there and then go home and look up what I wanted on Amazon! (I am the worst, I always do that!)

  2. Your mom is so cute!! I'm so glad that you both had a good time. Shopping in Houston is simply a must-do :)

  3. I just recently moved out of my parents house but I moved about 10 minutes away and I'm always there hanging out so I understand. So awesome that she traveled with your take out! Btw I tagged you in a post :)

  4. Aww I loved this post! It sounds like your mom got a pretty well-rounded idea of Houston and that bottom photo seriously makes me laugh because it's so true!