Wednesday, November 20, 2013

thrifting in houston

Last week I went to a bunch of new thrift stores in Houston! I am totally obsessed with
thrift shopping but it's been weird trying to learn which stores I like, which ones have good stuff, etc. since moving here. When Lauren suggested that she Rachelle, Miranda, and I should go check out the alleged best thrift stores in town, I was so excited. We met up at 10:00 am on Saturday, Rachelle made us delish pumpkin croissants, and we headed out.

First we headed to Catholic Women's Guild Charity Shop - which I thought was awesome, especially for home goods. I didn't buy anything  the whole day actually (other than food) so I have nothing to show for the day but photos but... that's okay. It was about exploring!

We also ate lunch at Paulie's - they make pasta in-house and it was so amazing. Even though I found myself totally satisfied with my meal, everyone else' looked good too. I'll definitely be back. Then we stopped by a bakery pop-up at Triniti and I had my first, second and third Macarons. They were super good but a little underwhelming considering all the hype they've gotten the past few years. Maybe I had the wrong flavors?

We also went to The Guild - huge. Tons of great stuff. There were four or five things I really wanted to buy but the prices were a little high for a thrift store. (You know you're cheap when you think thrift stores are too expensive.)  My greatest regret is that I didn't buy this amazing ugly sweater that Rachelle so kindly posed with for the pic. I may go back there this week to see if it's still there!

We hit up a store called Bluebird too. They had a lot of cute, high-end clothes... still good condition and cheaper than what you'd pay for new! I really enjoyed going to all these stores. Thrifting for me is partially just looking at all the crazy stuff that once actually belonged to someone.

The next stop was Nutcracker Market. It was crazy. I wanted to buy all the decorations I saw, but refrained, because of how I am already hoarding too many. It's cool though. They had tons of Christmasy food too, but I was so full from lunch! Next year I'll be back, with an empty stomach & hopefully some spending cash for new ornaments, garlands, what-not.

By the end of the six-hour shopping trip our feet hurt and we were super tired but we took a picture anyway. Here we are doing our best bridesmaid photo pose.

I like these girls. That's all.


  1. I love that heart elbow patch!! It's awesome, did you buy it like that or DIY? I am with you on the thrift shopping price dilemma. I feel cheap when I think something is expensive, but sometimes it is extremely over priced. I've seen name brand shirts that are super faded priced way higher than they should be, most likely because of the brand. If i feel like I can get a better deal at Target clearence, i probably won't buy it!!

    1. It's funny you asked about the elbow patches, and then mentioned target clearance, cause that's exactly where the cardigan is from! elbow patches included :)

  2. I love macarons but I think it's because they really feel like a treat. I mean $2+ for a cookie is a little crazy. I didn't love these flavor offerings - we will go to Macarons by Patisse next time!

  3. You girls have so much fun! Wish I was closer to Houston :)

    I hear great things about the Nutcracker Market. Sounds like Christmas heaven!

  4. I'm just now reading this and it's bringing back may happy memories of a great day! That was such a fun time. And you're so right about the bridesmaid pose :)