Monday, November 18, 2013

estate sale weekend.

This weekend was way too much fun. After my Y class on Friday I saw that there was an estate sale going on down the street from my SIL's house and decided to check it out. For once I even had cash in anticipation for yard sales on Saturday. We walked in the house and I was instantly turned off, it was looking bad and smelling worse. But there was this gem of a mid-century modern record player table in the corner that caught my eye. I brushed it off since it wasn't priced and figured it wasn't for sale. We headed to the garage and I found this aluminum & wood folding chair. It wasn't priced either but I had seen some at The Guild last weekend so I knew they were going for at least $50 even in worse condition there. When I asked the nice man how much he wanted for it, he said $5! Deal.

Then of course I sent the pic of it to Jacob and he writes back "cool?" -- so I had to hunt down a real listing to show him what it's actually worth. He still thinks it's ugly but I'm keeping it.

After I left I kept thinking about that table. I thought I'd stop by again and just find out what they were asking for it... if it was under $30 I'd take it. They wanted $50. I tried to bargain but they knew it was worth a lot more than that, and so did I, so I didn't make a fuss. I didn't have the cash though so I left again. And drove to Chase to get more cash. And texted Jacob asking for his blessing. I rarely spend that much money, so even though I know I don't need permission, I do need moral support! He was cool with it so I made the deal and I have been just on cloud 9 all weekend about it. I dusted it off and it's seriously in near-perfect condition! The only wear on it is a few scratches on top from the record player sitting on it for oh... 60 years?  Isn't it great though?

Saturday we hopped in the car around 9 am and went to yard sales with no luck, but then spent like 90 minutes at an estate sale just exploring all the fun stuff this couple had. They seemed like they enjoyed life! We actually only purchased one thing, this old Life mag with Johnny Cash on the cover. Since I never take pictures of myself for blogging I felt like I should for once add my face to a post so I asked Jacob to take a pic of me with the magazine. As he was snapping it this dad guy looks over, rolls his eyes and says "Oh boy!" ... yeah I know it's ridiculous but really? Silencio old man!

Then we went to a matinee showing of Thor, ate dinner, and vegged for the rest of the evening. I had this whole long to-do list of house projects to do on Saturday but shopping and eating was fab! I'll do that stuff this week... I promise.


  1. That hutch thing is really cool. Are you going to paint it?

    1. I know right?! I don't have any immediate plans to. It's in such good condition that I think I will leave it for now. I have so much other stuff I'm painting! Actually as I write this I'm breathing paint fumes. So excited for a few projects I've been putting off forever to finally be done!

  2. I saw the pic of the chair and thought it looked familiar and you totally DID see one at the Guild shop. I think it's pretty awesome! I have never been to an estate sale - I don't like the feeling of leaving without buying, especially if I went by myself - but I want to check one out! And how is your hair always so cute? Can you give me lessons?

  3. Wow, you got a total steal on the chair! I think it will be super cute all styled up in your new house!