Tuesday, October 8, 2013

star wars cake numero dos.

Okay so here is another part of my 25 before 26 list to cross off! I decorated a mini cake to look like R2D2. Well, like his head/lid/top. This was all a part of the star wars birthday party we threw my nephew for his 5th birthday last month.

For this party we had decided to do lots of time consuming treats so I didn't want to worry about baking the cake. I bought this big cupcake at Kroger (in my opinion, it's fugly) and removed most of the frosting and sprinkles, then re-frosted it to prep it for decorating!

I had fun! I even made marshmallow fondant for the blue strips & it was much easier and much stickier than I anticipated. I am glad I did this, I really got into cake decorating for a while and I still like it I just don't practice that much anymore. The neph loved it though.

In case you are interested in checking out my past cake decorating shenanigans you can see my attempts from the beginning here - they're hilarious. Then you can check out my first star wars cake which is aptly named the chewbaccake. And if you are interested in cake decorating classes here and here I shared about that. Still want more? This was the last cake I decorated before R2D2, I mostly keep it simple these days.


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