Tuesday, October 1, 2013

costumes of halloweens past.

Halloween is a favorite holiday for the husband and me. We really get into it. For the past four years we've been students so we were always on a tight budget and Halloween costumes really can't be considered a "need" like food and shelter. Also, when you're in college Halloween falls in the same week as mid-terms which is super convenient. (Not.) We're pretty proud of what we've come up with the past few years though.

2009 | Special Ops
We really just went to Jacob's parents house and borrowed his little brother's paintball gear. He had some legit military grade clothing so we decided to say we were special ops. We weren't particularly proud of these costumes but other people were impressed. This picture is mainly here so you can see that terrifying man we are with. He DIY'ed his costume. Materials needed: welder, sharp objects.

2010 | 70's B-Boys
This is one for the books. After this night we were told by multiple people that we WERE the party. And really we were. We found that boom box at the thrift store, borrowed our moms' gold jewelry and found cool afro wigs. Jacob happened to have ordered two black and gold Adidas track suits from ebay the week before. The best part of this costume wasn't the costume but the attitude that came with it. Jacob made a legit mix tape with early hip hop on it and we blasted it everywhere we went. People couldn't help but boogie with us!

2011 | Luchadors
We found those Luchador masks at a yard sale in the summer and immediately knew we would use them for Halloween. We raided my little sister's dance costume box and came up with enough spandex for two costumes. Then we found those toy wrestling belts at Toys R Us to complete the look. "Nachooooo!"

2012 | Boat (Captain) and Tuber
So, the wet suit husband is sporting was also a yard sale find. We figured Halloween was as good a time as any to put it to use, so we came up with this idea. When I said let's make a boat out of cardboard I was picturing something very simple but when my husband and father-in-law are presented with a task like that they don't half bake it. They really go all out and they built this sweet boat out of foamcore and then painted it my favorite shade of blue! This project is actually the reason the paint was still in my car when this happened a few weeks later.

Everyone was ogling us at the party we went to! It wasn't the most functional get-up, walking in it was slow and I bumped into everything, all the while yanking the rope when Jacob forgot we were attached. ALL WORTH IT.

Also I have to show y'all my husband's costume from 2008. He went as Hot Rod and this picture on FB might have contributed to the fact that we are now married. When I saw it, I knew.

This year we still don't know what we're going to be. We're not students but we are no less busy! The closing date on our future home is October 30 so we might be moving that day, but I'm sure we'll find something to do and some kind of costume. If you are in need of inspiration I posted this round-up of cool, cheap costume ideas that can be put together in a day over at Pretty Providence!

Is there a costume you're still really proud of years later?


  1. You guys are too cute! I especially love 2010!

    1. Thanks Lauren. I don't think we'll ever be able to beat that one, but we will keep trying! haha

  2. You two are so cute! I love Halloween but am not as creative as you to think of these fun things. We just buy costumes at the store LOL

    1. Thanks! Buying costumes is cool too! I think anyone that dresses up after age 13 deserves a gold star for being awesome. Some people just ditch it because they are afraid of looking silly. I'm not down with that!