Monday, October 14, 2013

she's a brick... house.

Here is a tour of our new house prior to move in - I mostly wanted to do this for myself because it will be fun to look back on how much it changes over time, but hopefully is entertaining for anyone who likes this kind of thing. Pretend like it's MTV cribs, but for first time home buyers who don't have any furniture...

The outside of our home, while not specacular, is cute. I especially like the green door & shutters. That's not to say I might not paint them another color someday, but I'd say she's got curb appeal. Our only real plan is for the outside of the house is to plan a palm tree & convert the manual garage doors into an automatic ones. Jacob's one request was a house with a palm tree, so we're gonna make that happen.

Here's the entryway. take a left and you find yourself in the living room...

...attached to the formal dining room which is not going to function as a dining room but as my office. Look at that big window! Natural light for days. So excited. Then from the office you can enter the kitchen.

These cabinets are coming out ASAP. We were originally thinking we'd just paint them but they are just so old and gross on the inside that we decided we should just replace them. It may be a process that takes months since we have very little $ left after this down payment, but that's fine. Patience.

Close up of the cabinets and faux wood laminate counters. Yeeeaaah.... anyway. Next up is the family room!

I have plans for that mantle I tell you what. Now we can go upstairs.

Guest bath. Lovin' the seashell sink, y'all! Not. That's coming out sooner than later too. Also note that I am wearing a scarf even though it's 85 degrees still. I just don't know how to dress when it's this warm in October. Wardrobe confusion!

We have a half bath downstairs that looks just like this one but without the tub. Next we have two lovely bedrooms, the only two carpeted rooms in the house. I don't even mind. One of them will be Jacob's drum room and one of them will be the guest bedroom. Family & friends come visit, now!

Then this is our master bathroom. Obvs we will take the wallpaper down and remove the seashell sinks at some point, but we have decided this room is last priority because it's the room that probably no one but us will see, so, who cares. Ya know? Not pictured: garden tub!

 and the master bedroom. If this was MTV Cribs you know what I would say here...

Giant built in mirror closet doors. What more could a girl want in life? These kinda creep me out. Suggestions of what to do here would be appreciated. Replace them? Wallpaper them? I don't know.

Last but not least, the fenced backyard. Perfect for badminton, corn hole, BBQ's, babies and puppies. I don't know if y'all noticed but this is like the most dog-friendly house ever. Which is great. Because I'm gonna adopt a pup someday! (Maybe five!?)

Just for fun, I'll show you our first house project. It appears that over the past 20 years, every time a switch plate needed to be replaced, they decided to try a new kind... so much variety! So right after we closed on the house we went to Home Depot and dropped $50 on new switches, outlets and plates all in white. So fresh and so clean!

Also, upon seeing this in pictures a lot of people have been like, "Wha? This house looks huge?" really it's not. it's like 1750 square feet. Which is plenty of room for us! 


  1. Your house is so cute! And the back yard is to die for :) I hope you can get adorable puppy soon!!

  2. It's adorable! When are you inviting all the bloggers over for a housewarming party??

    I also have the awful faux wood countertops so I feel your pain, friend. They never get less ugly, no matter how many times you look at them :(

  3. Wow it's so pretty! Can't wait to see the decorations and you're right, it does look huge. I'm so jealous! I want a house :)

  4. LOVE your house! And I love it that it's in my part of town! I smell a blogger party indeed!

  5. I love your new house! It looks so grand from the outside :) I love that your husband wanted a palm tree - I did too! You're lucky to have so much hardwood! Let me know when you want to go looking for puppies, I will happily tag along :)

  6. I had those mirrors growing up in my room and loved them. I could write messages on them with markers, stick all my pictures around, and still be able to see if I looked ok. I vote leave them, they make the room feel larger.

  7. I'm jealous of your backyard. Ours is good sized but it's all dirt weeds and no fence yet right now...haha