Friday, September 13, 2013

why I need a staycation

Next week is my four year wedding anniversary. For our first, my husband totally surprised me by earning a few extra bucks doing maintenance jobs, and took me on a staycation in our town. I had no clue and was so impressed that he would do something like that for me. I knew he was a keeper. Each year since we've saved up a little money and have been able to celebrate in a similar fashion. This last May, we moved across the country for the man to start a new job, then three months later he was offered another job and he decided to take it. We'd been saving up for a down payment on a house, and we were almost there, but since he took this new job we had to pay the previous company back for moving us here. $3k, gone from savings with the snap of our fingers. Yiiikes.

 In the long run it will be worth it, but it's been stressful to have to cut back expenses even more, and we just didn't have any wiggle room in the budget to be able to do anything 'away from home' to celebrate this year. He keeps saying he feels lame. I keep reassuring him that he's the best. We know that when we can buy a house it will be worth the sacrifices we are making now.

There's something about not being at home, though, you know? Like, if you're not home, you don't think about dishes. You don't think about laundry. You don't turn on the tube and watch reality TV all night until it's time to climb in bed.

Also, we know how lucky we are to be in a position to buy a home, but it's a stressful process. It would be so nice to get away, just for one night, from the mountain of papers that sit on our desk, reminding us of what we still have to do. I haven't felt "carefree" for months! I imagine myself and the husband lounging by the pool, making s'mores and just enjoying each other's company without the worries of the world.

That is why I need a staycation! I want to surprise my man with a lavish anniversary date for two. He has done so much for me, and works so hard, being able to do this would mean a lot to both of us. I can totally imagine the look on his face if I were to come home and tell him that we get to go stay at The Woodlands Resort for a night!


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