Friday, September 13, 2013

next year i'm going to utah for september.


1. Next week is me and my Bronco's four year wedding anniversary. It's crazy that it has been so long already! It has gone by so quickly. I'm trying to think of some fun surprise dates for this weekend that aren't expensive, suggestions would be appreciated! 

2. I got a haircut this week, a real one. I think about six inches came off? (I requested four but you know how they do) and I have a bunch of layers now. It feels good to have something different! This is the shortest my hair has been since high school. It's still long, haha, but short to me. Basically this is how it feels:
I feel like both Cory and Topanga feel here. Mixed feelings (mostly good though!)

3. Still on cloud 9 about going to Blog Elevated next week. Here's hoping it lives up to the hype I have created for it!

4. I'm getting one of my favorite pairs of boots re-soled. I have had them for six years, I love them and I wore them so much that there are literally holes in the bottom (see below.) That's love, you guys. They're at the Houston Shoe Hospital now, getting fixed up, and I should have them on Monday again. Can y'all say exciting? Just in time for fall. It isn't cheap but it's cheaper than buying a new pair, and I already love them so it saves me having to shop for new ones - I know I wouldn't be able to find anything I like as much. Next month I'm going to get the other pair done and then I'll be good to go for another few years!


5. I did figure out the thing I don't like about H town. It's not the weather, it's the bugs. Last week was a trial for me. I got through it, but I have a feeling it's not over completely. Mosquitos were swarming like crazy wherever we were. Jacob and I got bitten over twenty times (combined total) and there was no escape. No amount of bug spray would do the trick. They were in the house. In the car. In the shower! Quite traumatizing. If only mosquitos were as charming in real life as the guy in Bee Movie.

Then there was an incident at the gas station with some other kind of flying bug, mating season, I almost had a panic attack. They were everywhere. Since Utah is at it's very best in September I have resolved that next year I will spend the month there instead. All their bugs are dying and they get to wear scarves and boots! Then I'll come back here to enjoy the balmy "winter."

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  1. Your hair is beautiful! I am in NEED of a good chop as well!! And I'm squirming thinking of the mosquitos! I'm allergic so I swell up like a balloon and the itchness is almost unbearable!!

    1. Thank you! Oooooh that is terrible. Do you hibernate when they are in season? I can't figure out how to avoid their bites.

  2. Mosquitoes are the worst and awful and unrelenting. I think you just tune them out after awhile, though! Your hair looks great. I need to get mine cut this weekend, too. See you at the conference!

    1. Haha I hope I can learn to ignore them. They are the bane of my existence right now. Thank you! BEcon is going to be SO FUN!

  3. Your hair looks SO healthy!!!! :)