Thursday, September 12, 2013

blog elevated conference.

I have actually been doing pretty well on my 25 before 26 list, and now I get to cross off #9 - attend a blog conference ----- this month! This is all thanks to a little promotion Blog Elevated did on Friday night called Lucky 13. I happened to check my FB feed ten minutes after they had posted it, praise the heavens. 13 people got a ticket for $13 because there were 13 days left til the conference. I am so pumped! I had been wanting to go but the normal ticket price ($249) was not in the budget for this month.

The main reason I am so excited to go has to do with another thing on my list, #11- make friends in Houston. It's basically going to be a giant blogger party, where I can meet other ladies who speak blog and are interested in lots of the same things as I am. I decided I want to email a few bloggers who I have seen are going who have blogs I like and introduce myself before the conference. I'm hoping that way I will not be quite as nervous to approach some of them in person.

Thankfully there will be one friendly face there, my new friend Whitney from Observant Turtle. Last month we met up for lunch, we totally hit it off and I'm excited to see her again. I am now scrutinizing all of the clothes and accessories I own trying to decide what to wear. The sessions outfits will be easy, I'm not too worried, but for the evenings I don't know what the heck to do. I don't want to go spend $ on a new dress but I don't feel like I have anything perfectly appropriate. AH. I'm sure I'll figure it out. Anyway, I am kind of a shy person but at this conference I'm forcing myself not to be, how else am I going to make friends?! Are you going to be there? I'd love for you to say "Hi!"


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