Friday, August 2, 2013

texas forever!

We do like it here so much that we have decided we for sure want to buy a house and stay a while. We've been looking at homes a ton. Last night we became obsessed with this little guy. It was built in the late 20's but has been renovated recently. The only thing holding us back is that little AC box in the front window. Which means, it doesn't have central air! Booooo. I wonder how much it is to get it? Probably a lot of mulah. So we continue to look and I hope we can find another cute blue house because it's just so pretty.

So that's my only crappy this week, and it's not even really that crappy. House hunting is not easy, but we are so blessed to even be in a position to buy one so I don't even want to complain!

My husband and I have been watching Friday Night Lights. We get obsessed with shows.... so anyway we're in the 3rd season and going strong. It's been a good educational experience about Texas culture. Ha. We don't live in West TX so we're not in the thick of that, but it's fun anyway. Our area actually resembles King of the Hill more closely. Boomhauer accents and all!

Since we've been in here we have only had BBQ once. It was just okay. What we have had is plenty of AMAZING burgers. We ate at the Hubcap Grill last week and well... my life is changed forever. Enter the Cheeto Burger.

Cheeto burger_hubcap.jpg
My photo was horrible, so I am borrowing this one from Houston Press.
Even just the patty alone could satisfy. It tasted so good, the way they season it, I don't know. But then it's smothered in nacho cheese sauce and topped with cheetos! The bun was amazing too. It's not a good burger if the bun is soggy, ya know.

It's safe to say that Hubcap is my favorite restaurant in Houston, at least until further notice. I obviously have a lot of exploring to do, but really, it's so good. I know that it's my fave burger place.

We got our pictures from our shoot with CEEBEE right before we moved! It was such a crazy week, with packing and Jacob taking finals and graduation and stuff, that he didn't even have time to shave before the pictures! Haha, but it's okay I like him with scruff. I love the pics. We went to the only place in Utah that sells Blue Bell ice cream and it was a bonus that it is also the most adorable ice cream place in Utah. Win-win.

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  1. Yay for being a part of happies & crappies! I think your picture with ice cream is just the cutest ever! What a great happy. :)

    1. Thanks! So glad you stopped by. I co-write my other blog with my best friend who lives far away too! It's a super fun way to stay connected to each other and motivated to do blog stuff!