Wednesday, August 21, 2013

happiness and the 90's.

I was a 90's kid. When I think of that decade lots of music comes to mind. From anything by the Spice Girls or The Cranberries to "My Heart Will Go On." Not so much fashion, though. I kind of hated the fashion even when it was cool. Coincidentally, I was a huge dork in elementary school. Not a nerd, because nerds get good grades, they have that going for them. Even my teachers were annoyed by me. Glasses and braces at the same time. You guys. It's cool, I mostly embraced it, and then figured out how to be a more lovable dork.

I really have always looked back at the clothes of the 90's and thought, never again. When the 80's stuff came back into style, I got into it, but still thought no one in their right minds would ever want to give the 90's another go. I'm sure some of it I totally will, but here are five trends I won't be wearing ever, all for sale at H&M right now: 

I think they just watched Clueless and took inspiration from Amber's wardrobe.Yikes.


I can get on board the white low-top baby spice version of these, but this. No. 

This t shirt is atrocious and the combination is too much. I can't even.

Sports Bras are not shirts.

Crop tops might not always be ugly, but I don't think I can get on board with bare midriffs in general. I just think they're the opposite of classy.

Honorary mention: JNCO's. I haven't seen wide-leg pants come back yet, and I'm crossing fingers that they won't. Anyway there they are. You won't find these styles on me! I do think I could embrace flannel shirts, maroon corduroys and platform shoes. Those I can handle.

What 90's trends do you still like? What would you never be caught dead in?!


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