Friday, August 23, 2013

does anyone actually like greek yogurt? and other things I think about.

This week's been a positive one for sure. I joined a DietBet and I think it was just the thing I needed to push me to finally eat healthier. I have been exercising a lot but still eating way too much garbage. I'm already half way to that goal (losing 4% of my body weight) and I'm more motivated and excited about getting fit than I ever have been. I'm just going to keep going with this. I really think it just has to be your mindset. If you think it's going to be terrible, it is. If you think it's going to be a fun challenge, it is. I don't know why in the past I haven't been ready to do it, I've tried and failed, and all of a sudden now it is just going so easy for me. Also, I make some cash which is always a bonus!

We might actually have an appointment with a realtor tonight or tomorrow. We've been stalking this house for a few weeks now, we drive by it all the time, and are really interested. The neighborhood it's in is amazing. I contacted a buyers agency yesterday and we're working out an appointment time to go see it! Squee! I hope the house looks like it does in the pictures and has no major issues. We'll see...
Pleasure Pier

I haven't even used my new camera yet. Last weekend I like forgot I had it, and we went to Galveston and I took pics with my iPhone. All week I keep thinking about taking it out and taking pictures but I just haven't been going anywhere or doing any projects. That's going to change though. Tomorrow's the day!

Husband gets to go to Germany next month on a business trip. I don't! I am so excited for him but kind of jealous because neither of us have been to Europe and I wanted us to go together!  It's cool though I guess...

I have a genuine question though you guys. Do people really like the taste? Or is it just the health benefits? I have tried greek yogurt multiple times because it's good for you and it's got more protein yada yada, but I genuinely can't get it down. The taste is horrible to me! Like expired sour cream. Even the vanilla kinds and stuff. How do people eat it? I have friends who love it, but I can't understand. I think it's a giant conspiracy. 

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