Thursday, July 18, 2013

life in a new place.

Texas is the best you guys. Everyone should live here. Here's a glimpse at what we've been up to.

Top left is the view from my balcony. Green lushness. The first time we went to church here we were invited to dinner by three different families. To say people are friendly is an understatement which is amazing when you're new! One family lives just a block away from us and have a huge farm! I think this was my first time  being on a real farm. There were pastures of horses and hay (not allogee friendly) chickens that followed us everywhere. I still haven't taken them up on the offer of riding lessons but I think we will be doing that as soon as it cools down out here. I tried it once when I was in 3rd grade. I cried. So I need to redeem myself ya know? Anyway, are you guys seeing how huge that horse's face is? I made Jacob pose with it for scale. 

We've tried so many new restaurants. We haven't found a favorite yet, nothing will ever hold a candle to Cafe Rio I'm afraid, but it's still a blast trying a new place every weekend for date night. We haven't tried any BBQ here yet, but there is an abundance of amazing burger places. Do you know what's the best about Texas? EVERYWHERE HAS DR. PEPPER! Sorry for yelling. I just get so excited. 

We live a short 30 minute drive from Galveston so we've gone to the beach twice. It's such a cool little place, and I still can't believe I live this close to the ocean.

I've been wanting to adopt a dog furrever so we finally decided it was time. Our apartment allows pets so we went forward. We found one we thought was perfect but the rescue agency wanted us to try fostering her before actually adopting because we didn't have a backyard and she wanted to make sure that it would be okay for her. Well, we fostered her for two weeks and totally fell in love with her, but decided she would definitely be better off with a backyard to run around in. I took her on like 6 walks a day but I felt so guilty never being able to let her off the leash to run wild. She was adopted by another family though and I'm happy we did that. She was a very good puppy. We'll revisit the adoption thing when we do have a yard for a furball to play in. Are my nephews the cutest ever? I submit that they are. I spend a lot of time with them and my sis in law Jen. We do fun dance party-ish workout classes a couple times a week at the Y and then get greek food after. We usually all hang out on the weekends too. It's sooooooooooo amazing to have family here!

The great table swap! A week ago Jen and I went antiquing and I fell obsessed with this vintage dinette. I could not believe the price, it was only $180 for the table and six matching chairs. I'd actually been looking at that kind of thing on craigslist a lot and knew that they normally cost way more than that. I had to have it. I lost sleep for two nights over it. Finally I decided to list my current table and chairs, hand me downs from the fam that I've always somewhat loathed, just to see if anyone would bite. Lo and behold, a lady bought it for $200 the next day and I got my sweet dinette and put $20 in the bank. It could not have been more perfect.

The other thing we are up to: house hunting. Oh yes. We are still working on getting paperwork together but are so anxious to start the process. We can't wait to be homeowners!  Oh yeah, and we watched an entire season of Catfish on MTV in two days once. That show is nuts! Then this past weekend we had the flu, so we started watching Friday Night Lights and uh... we have watched 4 episodes a day since starting. Oops?! Jacob works from 7 am to 3 pm which allows for plenty of TV time after! and summer here is kinda like winter in Utah. You hibernate.


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