Tuesday, July 30, 2013

25 before 26.

I turned 25 back in April, and I kept thinking that I wanted to make a little list of goals to do before next birthday but with the big move from Utah to Texas I just haven't gotten around to it til now. Better late than never though, right? Some of these are big and some are small, but they are all things I'd like to make a priority!

1. Buy a house!

2. Read at least one book per month. I joined a book club with some ladies from my church so that should help me with this one. I have read two in the past week and it feels so good to be consistently reading for fun again.

3. Go on a road trip to the South. I'm shooting for at the very least driving to New Orleans and back, but I'd totally love to visit even more states. The coast in one of the Carolinas?! I went to Atlanta when I was in 8th grade, and I don't really remember it. I also left on a cruise from Florida last year but again, didn't see much. So I'd just like to do some exploring!

4. Eat fruit and veggies daily. Since the move I've exercised more often than I ever have in my life, thanks to the YMCA and it's awesome dance-partyish offerings but I still eat way too much junk and too little fruits and veggies. So, that's the next thing for me to tackle in the name of health.

5. Sew something. Anything. I haven't sewn in six months or more. Right when I got my sewing machine for my 24th birthday I tried a bunch of projects, but quickly got discouraged when I wasn't very good at it right away. I need to soldier forward. It's a skill I really want to develop.

6. See Jim Gaffigan live. My favorite comedian. I just love him! Doing this will be my first real comedy experience.

7. Repurpose a free piece of junk furniture. I check the free craigslist page every day, but I have yet to go get furniture from the curb and do something with it. I really want to take something from being complete trash to something that's pretty and useful.

8. Find a happy mail pal. I want to send happy mail to someone who would love to receive it, and I would love to get it once in a while too. So it would be great to find, like, a pen pal but more happy.

9. Attend a blog conference. 

10. Watch The Big Bang Theory. This one probably seems ridiculous, but I really do want to watch all the seasons of this show. The husband and I used to sit and watch re-runs after our 16-hour days at school and work. The channel we watched ran the same ten episodes over and over, but we still laughed out loud every night. Sheldon is so hilarious. I need to start from the beginning and see them all.

11. Make friends in Houston.

12. Buy a DSLR camera. The one I want has been sitting in my Amazon shopping cart since last Christmas. I've saved up a little over half of what I need in Amazon credit (gift cards and stuff) but the saving for that came to a halt when we started saving for a house. I know it will be a good investment though so I'm still hoping to get it before Christmas 2013. Then I need to learn how to use it! Update: Purchased 8/9/13!

13. Learn photoshop and illustrator. I do have the Adobe suite but haven't used them at all because I am stuck in my ways of using the free software I'd been using before I got the good stuff.

14. Get a plant and keep it alive. Maybe a succulent garden? I hear they are easy...

15. Throw a party. I love to entertain, and I did it all the time in Utah but this goal is attached to #11. In order for a party to count for this goal it needs to be a gathering with more than just my family members in attendance. Favorite things, cookie tasting, or swap party? The possibilities are endless.

16. Adopt a pet. I reeeeally love dogs. I love some cats. We almost adopted a pup right when we got here but the one-bedroom apartment didn't let it work out. So we fostered until another family adopted the furball we had fallen in love with. When we've got a yard and stuff I want to make it happen for real. This family needs a pet!

17. Refinish my bedroom furniture.

18. Blog here at least once a week. Like I happen to be doing now.

19. Decorate a cake. A couple years ago my husband got me a kit and decorating classes for Christmas, because I kept saying it was something I wanted to be good at. It was so fun (and so thoughtful of him!) I haven't used what I learned much lately. I'm afraid it's going to fizzle, and I don't want to lose such a fun and delicious skill.

20. Plan a girls weekend. I think girl time is good for the soul.

21. Make a "dinner rotation" binder. I truly dislike cooking dinner. Baking is my favorite but cooking I dread. There are many reasons, but I won't go into them now. The easier it is to cook dinner, the better. I think keeping a binder with our favorite easy dinners would make the task so much more pleasant for me.

23. Visit Austin and San Antonio. Both cities are only a few hours drive from Houston and I hear they are both incredibly cool places.

24. Discover a new band or artist to be obsessed with. I haven't taken time to listen to new music lately. It used to be the only thing I did in my free time! I miss that. Music is so good for my soul.

25. Plan a fancy date night with husband once a month.

Wheeeew. I am super excited about these! I actually have a few others that I wanted to add but I think I should really just keep it at 25, no need to go overboard. I might just start my 25 before 26 list now, ha. I can't wait to start executing some of these babies.


  1. Hot pockkkkkkkkets. Will it burn my mouth? It will destroy it! I love Jim Gaffigan but that is the only bit I can quote. I think you're doing great on your list so far!