Sunday, April 7, 2013

pizza and pastries with friends.

I had a fantastic lunch date with my friends Malorie & Mari last week. We went to Vinto in Salt Lake, I have been wanting to try it for. ever. Not joking, like 4 years or something, and it finally happened! It didn't disappoint either. The pizza was delish. Then we walked a few blocks down to main street to try out Eva's Bakery. The chocolate croissant I had was so good, but I want to go back and try everything. Even the vegan chocolate cookies were tempting, and usually putting the word vegan in front of any food makes it sound, ya know, like it will taste like dirt.

Photo stolen from Mari's instagram. She's a photographer.

Mari, Myself & Malorie at Vinto 
This bakery is so charming. I mean, it's bright blue, and has a very old-fashioned feel. So hip.

 Malorie and Me in front of Eva's 
The baguettes look tempting! I know I would not be able to stop and would eat the entire thing in one sitting so I should probably refrain. I just love carbs too much! Bakeries are dangerous territory.

 Malorie, Mari inside Eva's 
Malorie and Mari have been best friends for a long time, and I'm lucky to have become friends with them this past year. I kind of knew Malorie through her cousin and kind of just through being facebook friends, and Mari and I met when we assisted my brother in proposing to her sister, so now we're kind of related. Now the three of us meet up for lunch about once a month and have game nights as couples sometimes too. It's so great to make new friends that you just instantly click with. Thanks for the fun lunch, ladies. - or -  Thanks for the fun, lunch ladies.