Monday, April 1, 2013

my first clients.

I have my first design clients! These ladies. I am a TOTAL rookie at blog design but it's something I have fallen in love with this past year, and the only way to get better is to practice am I right?

This love actually goes back to Myspace. Remember Myspace? I had so. much. fun. making my page all cute and finding the best pictures to put on there and stuff. I got compliments on it all the time. That's where I started learning basic HTML. Then I always kept my personal blog pretty simple. When I started creating Pretty Providence last year I had so much fun. I got a handful of e-mails asking who designed our site, and how much did it cost? Which was a huge compliment but just made me want to get better.

I re-design it every few months just because I like to, and after a while I look at it thinking, "This looks terrible! I have to start over!" Anyway, I am so happy that these girls have hired me to make their blog look awesome and I am taking this challenge seriously. I know I have a long way to go and a lot to learn though so I am going to take some graphic design classes in the fall. You know because I think this is something I could really do well at if I had more training and skills.


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