Tuesday, March 5, 2013

in which i ramble on.

I've been having some productive days lately. The kind of days that make me feel super accomplished and happy with myself. It's not that I'm not usually productive, but when most everything you do is done on a computer, sometimes it's hard to feel like you did anything since you can't touch it. Does that make sense? On Thursday I painted my life away. I painted two canvases, two honey jars, two frames, and four letters. That was fun. Once I got going there was no stopping me. Jacob took a nap and woke up to see half the items in our house different colors from what they were when he fell asleep.

Friday my bff Court (Ceebee) came over and took photos of my house. I am going to post them on Pretty Prov next week as kind of a house tour thing, showing how I've decorated the place for pretty much $25. Ha, maybe a little more, but mostly everything is hand-me-down or from thrift stores. I also just wanted some pix to have of this house to remember it's awesomeness by. Jacob and I are pretty eager to move out, it's just such an old house, and the issues it has are becoming too much. We've been living in this place for 3.5 years now and we are truly excited for an upgrade. Nonetheless, it is our first home, it has so much awesomeness, and we are going to miss it dearly.

Over the weekend we watched almost the whole third season of Downton Abbey (all three seasons in two weeks. Yikes!) which also felt productive somehow... we are going to watch the last two eps tonight. I can't wait. I know it's going to be sad because everyone is yelling about it on twitter...

Image via this hilarious post at Neon Fresh. Go read it.
Then today I put together a giveaway and a "birthday party kit in a box" post for this week and am currently baking a cake! My favorite cake too. (It's our Pretty Providence blog 1st birthday this week, hence all the birthday shenanigans.)

Also, we went to the Awful Waffle with friends last week, I took Court to Cafe Rio as a thank you for the photo shoot Friday, and then Brandee came to stay with us on Saturday night and we returned to the Awful Waffle for more deliciousness. So basically we ate GOOD! The Awful Waffle has delicious waffles, but the true champion item is their FRIES. Oh my gosh they are phenomenal. I want them all day every day.

Update: Finished Downton. WTF, Downton!!!!? 


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