Saturday, March 16, 2013

birthdays are my favorite.

Little sis with 18 cupcakes for her 18th birthday.

I love birthdays. I always want to make them into a national holiday. This week both little sis and little sis-in-law had birthdays and the festivities aren't over yet. They should always last a week at least. Right? Yes. Anyway, I got to deliver balloons, go to breakfast, make cupcakes, go bowling, and watch the sis try to blow out 18 sparkler candles - that was the highlight of my year - it took at least 5 minutes because the flames kept coming back. So entertaining!

Also I started re-designing Pretty Providence. I've got the new header and basic look done, and updated all of the social media outlets with the new stuff (so refreshing.) Now I just need to update all of the sidebar stuff and do a little spring cleaning. I totally love learning how to do all of this html and site design stuff. Once I know where we are going to be living I'm going to look into graphic design classes!

No news yet on that front by the way, but lots of interviews are happening and I'd say that we are getting closer to knowing. I've started packing up some parts of the house already because I know it is a huge job and I'd rather be ahead than behind in that department. There are so many things to do and think about with moving. I want it to be peaceful and less nightmare-ish than everyone says. We'll see!


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