Friday, February 15, 2013

valentine's day is our dating anniversary.

Yesterday I got a text from husband in the morning that said: "Date starts at 1:30, be home and ready to go."

So I got ready. I spent quite a bit of time getting ready actually, just like I did four years ago for our first date. I wore my new cardigan (scored it at Savers) put a bow in my hair, and even tried doing some nail art.

When he came home he had flowers, donuts, a home-made card and tickets to see a movie I'd been dying to see. Warm Bodies. I was thrilled. It was a great movie! I don't normally like zombie stuff but this one was more sweet and funny than it was morbid so it's an exception to the rule.

Then we perused an antique shop and went to dinner at Gloria's Little Italy, a favorite Provo spot of ours. It was delightful as always.

After that, we picked up some frozen custard from Sub-Zero. Husband is obsessed with their Bubble Gum flavor. It's bright pink. He's a real man.

Then we went home and watched Parks and Rec, I made him a card, and we snuggled. We also tried to take some pics with my new self-timer app. It works, but takes really grainy pictures. At least we have a few, grainy or not, to document our wonderful day.

I think it's a true sign of love when a husband gets you donuts for Valentine's Day. It says "I don't care if you get chubby, I will love you anyway."

I love him.


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