Thursday, February 7, 2013

stick shifts and safety belts.

We bought this car, a 2007 Mazda 6 in December right before Christmas (Merry Christmas to me!) and then I proceeded to learn how to drive manual. It took a really long time because I was a chicken and never wanted to practice (after one or two incidents of stalling 9x in a row at stop-lights.) I am pleased to report that today, I did it! I went out in this car today all by myself and drove all over town for two hours. I can say that now I feel comfortable behind her wheel and I only stalled a couple times, and never more than once before getting a move on. YES! Sweet victory. I was planning on just doing back roads, but then graduated to bigger and better about every half hour. I first decided sushi sounded delicious and thought, I can probably get across town to get some. I ate all the sushi I could fit in my tummy, thought about how success had never tasted so good, and once I had done that I knew I was on a roll. (No pun intended, I promise.) I got on and off the freeway and went down State Street from Pleasant Grove to South Provo! Then I tackled University Parkway and State again. No problems. So basically I'm a pro now. Self, I'm sorry I didn't believe in you. Now what to name her? Thoughts? I'm partial to sassy Latina names. Juanita, Lupita and Rosita are already taken.


  1. Nice work, Sarah!

    Chicky chiquita