Tuesday, February 5, 2013

oh the places we may or may not go.

Right now is a limbo-y time in my life. I have finished my long-awaited Bachelor of Arts degree, and am now just waiting. Husband has 2 months (2 months, AH!) until he is completely done with his Bachelors of Science in Manufacturing Engineering and then what? We have ideas. He has been applying for jobs and has had a few interviews, is waiting to hear about more interviews, and everything is surreal. Within the next two months he will most likely be extended a few job offers, we will decide which one is best for both of us and our future family, accept it, and go wherever they want us to go. I made that little map of places that we have talked about that we might live. We could potentially stay here in Utah, although probably not in Utah County, or we could end up in Idaho, California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, or one of those tiny states on the east coast. This list is subject to change daily.

I keep trying to imagine myself in these places, but I can't. Some of them seem exciting and glamorous and some of them seem...not. I'm just going to have blind faith that wherever we go will be somewhere I can be happy. I will look for the good in it wherever it is. Even if that is here, because honestly I have always wanted to leave so it will be a little weird if we stay. There would be so many benefits to that too though- family, of course being the best thing.

I'm just trying to enjoy this part, even though it is kind of anxiety-inducing, because if I do end up leaving Utah I'm going to miss it, so I should be savoring everything. The hard thing is that since I do not know where we'll be I can't look for jobs, homes, plan for anything really because it would be a sad waste of time! So I'm focusing my energy on what I can do. I can coordinate the Strengthening Families Program and do the best job at it ever so that I can get sweet letters of recommendation from my supervisors and have another good thing on my resume and vitae. I can blog. I can work harder on other behind-the-scenes blogging things and make Pretty Providence better every day. I can cook more at home, eat healthier and exercise. I can spend time with my friends and family! So that's what I'm doing.

So... where do you place your bet on us living beginning May of this year?!


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