Friday, February 1, 2013

music i love: old crow medicine show

This is the band that I automatically always put on to listen to. Like, the music I don't get sick of, that I basically listen to every day, and it's forever my favorite. It's total redneck music and a lot of people who hear it can't stand it... which for some reason makes me love it that much more. This is down home country! These guys are sweet, and their lyrics are either funny, thoughtful or both. Give them a listen and see if you love it or hate it!

I just looked up tour dates for them and they are going to be on tour with The Avett Brothers for a couple of shows in the summer, the closest one to us is in CO but it's sold out! I'm super bummed, Avett Bros are one of my other faves. That show would be the best ever. They do have one in Georgia that I'm super tempted to book a trip for... we'll have to wait and see where life wants to take us in the next few months before I can be planning anything.


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