Tuesday, January 29, 2013

the best cat ever.

The story is... 21 years ago a kitten was brought home to the Skaggs' house from Coeur d'Alene Lake. Never mind that two of the Skaggs children were allergic to cats. He was too cute not to adopt. He then became everyone's best friend. Sure they had other pets, other dogs, other cats, but none of them lasted. He was their one true love! He was the most social cat I've ever known. You know how cats do their own thing? Not this one. He was always snuggling up to someone or playing kitty carts- where they push him down the stairs on a cardboard sled (tin-foil helmet on, no worries.) When I came around almost four years ago, he climbed right up onto my shoulders and said "Welcome to the family!" and I loved him. We said goodbye to sweet Velcro earlier this month, but he will not be forgotten.

Even people who don't like cats liked Velcro. He was just the best and that's the only way to describe him. No cat will ever be as good as he was and even though it's not fair, it's just how it is. Sorry, other cats.


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