Thursday, November 8, 2012

october snapshots.

We had so much fun last month. It's so crazy how many pictures I take with my phone, then I never see them again because they get lost in the abyss. A few highlights I especially enjoyed in October: BYU football game with husband, painting and carving pumpkins, daylight donuts on Saturday morning, a Halloween dinner with the Skaggs' side of the fam, wearing my floral scarf and mint shoes, snuggling with velcro the cat, application after application of pink punch babylips- I'm obsessed. Oh, and dressing up as a boat and a tuber was super, Jacob built that thing!

It's good to have phone cameras. I really don't think that I would remember doing half of this stuff if I hadn't snapped pictures of it. It seems like the time just zooms by while we are so busy with school, internship and work stuff. We are pretty good at taking breaks though and enjoying the weekends. Hallelujah for not having to work the weekends anymore like I used to. It makes such a huge difference in my sanity!

What we're so busy with: This semester I have two internships, both teaching relationship workshops. One for engaged couples/newlyweds and one ten week program called Strengthening Families. They are both amazing and I am learning so much. Before this I really didn't know I could be so passionate about something. I also have 5 classes I'm taking, it's a heavy load of homework and stuff but it's going to be so worth it, I'm graduating in a month!!! Jacob is also working on a capstone project (basically an internship) for a medical supply company and will be doing that through April. He is done with classes in December as well though. On top of that he teaches drum and guitar lessons at a music shop and is working at a rapid prototyping lab in his "spare time."

I'm so used to going-going-going that the idea of graduating was giving me anxiety, so this week I told the Strengthening Families program that I will be a site coordinator for them next semester. It's going to be awesome and then at least I will still have something to do until we know what our future holds. Jacob is starting the interviewing and job application process right now, and most likely he will have a job by the time he graduates but as of now it is completely up in the air where we will be living and what we will be doing six months from now. It's crazy and exciting.


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