Tuesday, November 27, 2012

making spirits bright.

This week is insanely busy for me. I am sitting in class and in an attempt not to have a meltdown from feeling like I should be doing something more important I am blogging. Am I the only one that does this? It's a good distraction. So a few things:

Thanksgiving and the wedding were awesome! It's exciting to have another sister to love. Southern people are good people. They cook great food too. It was all joyful.

Juanita is indeed totaled out and State Farm offered me a generous settlement so now husband and I are car shopping for another girl car with a name ending in "ita." Everything about this accident has gone smoothly thanks to the red light offender having good insurance and I'm super grateful. 

I'm teaching three different workshops this week, so that is fun. They involve a lot of prep but I love the experience I'm getting from them so I do not resent it!

We got our Christmas tree last night and it's little and makes the house smell nice. I am trying so hard not to drop everything else and decorate the crap out of it. Just. Wait. Til. The. Weekend!

Two weeks of school left. Totally serendipitous. 

I love my Christmas music but I dislike listening to Christmas radio or other people's Christmas music. Some of it I just hate... and my playlist is just so good! But husband is already getting sick of it because it's all I've wanted to listen to for the last five days... oops. I need to pace myself.


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