Saturday, November 17, 2012

car accidents and turquoise paint explosions.

This week was really nice, things slowed down a bit because my first pre-marital workshop is over (went GREAT!) and since Thanksgiving break is approaching at school I haven't had many assignments to do. So I decided on Thursday that since I had the whole day off I would get stocking stuffers. I was having a nice leisurely morning going from store to store grabbing the best items, and keeping it all within the budget of course. I was right across the street from the mall and the first in line at the light, when my light turned green. I started through the light, but didn't get far. The next thing I knew everything was super loud and I found myself facing the opposite direction I had been driving, and I was on the sidewalk. I checked myself and realized I was fine, not a scratch and got out of the car. I was super confused at what had happened. I started to second guess myself and assumed that the accident was my fault and that I must have made a mistake because why would someone have hit me if I hadn't? As it turns out it was not my fault, the other driver had decided to gun it through the red light. So I'm not crazy. I was so relieved! Anyway though, I did get a little hysterical because it's just scary. I called Jacob and he was at school and didn't answer right away so I called my mom and my mom-in-law who lives only five mins away so she could come pick me up because Juanita was going to be towed away. Thankfully Jacob checked his phone two minutes later and came to the scene too. You just need hugs after stuff like that! Also, the part of this accident that had us all laughing and lightened the mood was how the gallon of bright turquoise paint we had used to paint my boat costume had basically exploded all over everything. It is just hilarious to think about. I'm sure the people who witnessed the accident were so confused.

I got spoiled the rest of the day. It's good to have so many parents I tell you what! My mom who I could call whenever I got teary. My M.I.L. to come straight to the scene and hug me and text my mom I'm okay. My dad, the overprotective one to call the other guy who was driving all kinds of names and make me laugh, call me multiple times to make sure I am feeling okay and that I am aware that I should go to the doctor if I feel any symptoms. My step-dad who is my insurance agent and help me take care of all that business. And my F.I.L to bring me Happy Sumo and Dr. Pepper and Megamind to watch. So awesome. Of course husband snuggled me a lot too. I was still shaken up but I have tried not to get hung up on what could have happened. I'm thankful that it went exactly how it did - two Toyota Corollas damaged but no people harmed. Now we are waiting to hear from the insurance company on whether or not Juanita is totaled. We think she probably is. I will miss her dearly if that is the case but I'm sure we will be able to replace her with another car just fine. We've already started looking into options. Believe it or not this is not my first rodeo... I have been in tons of car accidents and Juanita herself has been crashed pretty badly twice before. Remarkably I have never really been hurt in any of these crashes and I know it is because I have been watched over. I mean it's not just luck, guys! No one is that lucky.

This weekend we are just hanging out, packing and maybe seeing the new James Bond movie. We are heading to Colorado bright and early Tuesday morning for Thanksgiving and a wedding! It's going to be so fun to see all of Jacob's side of the family again and celebrate his brother Dan and his girlfriend Pam's commitment to each other. They have been together for 5 or 6 years so it's exciting!


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