Wednesday, October 3, 2012

pinterest rules.

Not everyone knows how to correctly pin something they like. That's okay, I'm here to help... The whole idea behind Pinterest is that you can bookmark something you liked so that you can go back to it later, but it's more visual and you can share it with friends. What is useless though, is if you pin something incorrectly so that then when you or your friends see it later and would like to go to the source to read more, or see the tutorial, etc. they can't because it was not pinned from the correct web page. So to clear it up, if you see something you like on a website, make sure you click to the post that the image is part of and then pin it. If you pin from a general page like the home page or page 3, 8, or 287 of a blog or website, those change every time new content is added so after a few days the pin will be pointless and people will have to search and sometimes it is lost forever. Thanks in advance for being a responsible Pinterest user!


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