Wednesday, September 12, 2012

jimmy fallon happiness.

I love Jimmy Fallon. He is by far the best of the late night shows- (Shout out to Conan though, love him too... but I don't have TBS so it's inconvenient.) Not to mention he is nice to look at. But mostly I just crack up watching him. Have you guys seen the commercial where he dresses up like all the different kinds of people? I die. I die! So funny. The problem is that I can never make it through the whole show because I fall asleep. Last night I was determined to stay up because Tavi Gevinson was going to be on and I think she is interesting, but she was last! So husband was tapping me every few minutes telling me to keep my eyes open so I could watch the end. Then right after it was over, before bed, I shot off a tweet to Jimmy. I woke up this morning to the fun surprise of having been Re-Tweeted by the Jimmy Fallon Show!!! Hooray. I feel so validated.


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