Tuesday, January 3, 2012

favorite moments of 2011.


We had the opportunity to attend McKall & Ty's gorgeous wedding on the 11th. Weddings are the best! Gathering of friends and family, everyone is genuinely happy, and tons of dancing! Here I am pictured with one of my bff's, Syb.


We were invited to spend a weekend at a cabin with some of our good friends Patti & Bryon and another couple. We had a blast snowmobiling, sledding, playing games and enjoying good company. It was so incredibly BEAUTIFUL up in the mountains where we were. The kind of beauty you just can't stop staring at.


I took cake decorating classes in January so for Matt's birthday I tried out my new skills and made a Chewbaccake.



Brandee turned 16 and I got to help her ask a boy to her first girls choice dance!

Gathering with friends for some delicious Thai food.


For Jacob's birthday we celebrated at his fave restaurant, Tucano's. I'm full just thinking about it. Yum!


Our rad home teacher brought us a huge case of little milks. They had extra over at the army base or something? We were pumped!
Fact: you can freeze milk and it stays good.



Decorating easter eggs with the Fieldings.


For my birthday, we got to dress up and go to Ruth's Chris! BEST FOOD EVER.



Our Hawaiian adventure! Take me back there...

Brotherly bonding with pizza & wings. 


A perfect party complete with a  pinata.


Cory swore into the Navy! 



Up in the canyon for Cam's birthdee.


Our road trip to Washington for the 4th.

A real fun backyard BBQ with friends.

The final Harry Potter movie came out. Oh how I loved it! I'm sad that there will be no more movies coming out, but I will always have my books to read over and over again. Top drawer entertainment.


 Thanks to my friend Lexie, we got to go to Lagoon for an evening. I love roller coasters! and swings! I also love the homeboys who hang out there with their bandanas hanging out of their back pockets. They know how to party.


Aunt Steph took all of us to the Bees game for the 24th and Jacob caught a foul ball. American pastime, phenom fireworks, kettle corn. 

Jacob went on a Father and Sons campout with the boys.


We attended the Utah State Fair with the Fieldings. It was stinky and we ate deep fried concoctions, people watched and gawked at the huge animals/veggies/scrapbook pages.

 Our #2 anniversary! We splurged on a bed & breakfast, dinner and pictured below, seeing the Flaming Lips live.


Confetti canons, giant balloons, giant balloons filled with confetti, lasers, and more. It was literally the most phenomenal show you could ever see. And the music was fantastic! (Imagine me saying this like Rob Lowe as Chris Trager)



Luchadores. Lucha libre!



For Jer's b-day we went to Tucano's and then had pumpkin pie at my house. This is the first birthday picture we have ever taken that is not in the west-most chair at my mom's kitchen table. Worth documenting.


We got to have 2 Thanksgiving dinners this year. The first: antipasto, caesar salad, calamari & lasagna at my Dads.
While there, we took some pictures to send to Steve, my little brother in Taiwan on his mission.


Our second dinner was your traditional Thanksgiving dinner and it was delicioso. Then we took pictures with them for Steve, and for our almost brother Hayden. Cory got to come home for Thanksgiving! Since July he has survived bootcamp, basic training and is almost graduated from his job training. We are so proud of him. He is stationed in Pensacola, Florida right now.

This is my favorite picture ever.



We gathered together as friends to wear cool sweaters and drink hot cocoa and play around the world ping pong.

Our tree. 
Love it this year. 
My mom knitted us baby sweaters to put on it as ornaments and I spray painted some toy dinosaurs to hang on it as well. 

Also, I don't have any pictures of Christmas... too busy enjoying it to remember to pull out the camera! But it was amazing and we were so happy to get to spend it with family, especially the Rogers' and Dan since we never get to see them.


  1. What a fab year!! Love this, love you!!

  2. I just wrote you a comment, and for some reason it didn't post to your blog. So, I am going to re-write it in hopes you will receive it.

    I just wanted to tell how lovely your sweet family is. You and your hubby look adorably perfect together. Every time I come across your blog I remeniss of the good-ol'-days when you, Jill, Jessica, Adrienne, Abby, and I used to play together. I miss all of you so much more than you know. I would really love to catch up with all of you sometime soon.

    It looks like 2011 treated you and your sweet family well, I hope this year is as full of love and joy as the last was.