Tuesday, December 6, 2011

miracles happen once in a while, at secondhand stores.

So, I went over to the D.I. today, just looking. I have been searching high and low for a certain type of shirt lately and well, I found it. In the maternity section. And I took it in real quick. I was so excited about this find. Then, I went over to the games section looking for rook cards (we can't get enough of them in our family) but found myself at the purses instead. I got three! It was just my lucky day. I couldn't post photos of them all because, honestly, I tried to take some but they are shiny and i'm not a photographer so I don't know how to make it look right. But if I just tell and don't show anything that's boring right? I feel silly taking pictures of myself. Maybe someday I will be more comfy with it but for now, one is enough. Here is the shirt and my favorite of the bags. For the record: one of the others is a big mustard yellow leather hobo, and the second is a pearly pink leather tote, the same color as the pinkish shoes in the post below.


THEN I am passing the furniture and (cue angels singing) this phenomenal yellow chair (pictured below) is just sitting there, with only $10.00 on the price tag. It was all over from there. Don't tell my mom but she's getting it for Christmas. I want to keep it for myself, but they say that's when you know it is a good gift.


So, I had to share the spoils of my lucky day. Have a lovely day everyone.


  1. To. Die. For!! I am green with jealous rage. Gotta love D.I.