Tuesday, November 8, 2011

holidays and happiness.

I am bursting with holiday cheer right now! I know, it is still just the beginning of November, but the true holiday season is creeping up so fast and I am already listening to the A Very She & Him Christmas album on a loop. I recommend it. (Only $5 here!)

So, for those who are as excited as I am and want to get started with their gathering, decorating and gifting like I do... here is my first little round-up of ideas.

Dipping gifts in confetti! Anything involving confetti is good with me. And you'll already be vacuuming pine-needles so why not add a little more color to your floor? Saw it here.


Paint dollar store toys gold, or paint them in glue and dip them in glitter to make them pretty table accents, gift tags, ornaments or whatever. They are just pretty. Tutorials here and here.

Making stockings out of sweaters from thrift stores? A wall tree to hang them on if you don't have a mantle? Genius. Found here. Other ideas for thrifted sweaters: mittens, pillows, leg warmers or regular socks. Really anything you want can be made out of old sweaters.

Stocking tree4b

Remember the cute felt ball wreaths and garlands everyone made last year? I might try it this time around. So rad, and a good way to add some extra color to your tree! I am going for very colorful, and very sparkly this year.

You can order felt balls here or try making your own with this tutorial here!
And, vintage puzzle piece gift toppers or ornaments! So easy. 

Brown paper packages tied up with strings really are one of my favorite things. From here and here.


Happy almost holidays!