Sunday, June 5, 2011

ono food.

ono: delicious, delightful

this is a 'to eat' list if you happen to find yourself on oahu. my favorite thing about a vacation is trying new dishes and restaurants that i can't get at home, it's not my fault my parents raised me to be a food snob. they are too good at cooking.

like the sign, i highly recommend the chocolate haupia pie. grind it!


had to post this picture. i am totally creepin on the pineapple soft serve! too good to even see straight. dole plantation.


jewel or juice! the best acai bowl on the island! oh my stars and stripes, they really were the best. we kept going back.



the rainbow drive-in was a pleasant surprise. we kind of didn't know where to go in the area but we saw a car that had a bumper sticker that said "got loco moco? rainbow drive-in." so we decided it must be good and we had seen it a few blocks back. the loco moco was surprisingly ono.


hukilau cafe, a classic, must-visit in laie. i love it but i totes ordered the wrong side dishes. still the best french toast err.


so melona bars are phenom. they are like creamies, but melon flavored! i ate a boatload of them and i am considering having some shipped to me packed in ice.



BEST BEST BEST THAI FOOD! all caps cause you have to go there. it is incredible.


ok so i know this picture is bad quality but these fluffy macadamia nut pancakes with coconut syrup were too good to be true! i had heard from a friend that i should have gotten the macnut french toast at hukilau but it was too late, so i made up for it by getting this the next day. i didn't have my camera so i whipped out my cell phone to remember it by. eggs n' things.


matsumoto's shave ice. ok i got ice cream and beans in the bottom. who would have thought those would go together? they do. they are delish together.


aoki's, also excellent shave ice.


  1. I love that lady creepin at the thai restaurant hahaha

  2. I've been to all of those! But I have to say the best shave ice is at Waiola's.