Monday, June 6, 2011

and now, a thank you.

to paul and deb! who we traveled with. the trip would not have been possible without them and they are excellent travel companions, we had so much fun with them!


also thank you kellie, for letting me borrow your swim cover ups and that bikini top i am wearing in all the pictures. you are the best!

and to my dad, because his birthday gift to us made it possible for us to eat while in hawaii.


  1. Sar!!!! I love ALL your Hawaii posts! You look gorgeous in every picture! all the food recomendations are making me salivate at my desk!! & yes, lets go bowling! i am terrible but bryce is pretty good! lol

  2. i loved all your pictures! you two are hilarious!!

  3. Every single one of your Hawaii posts make me so happy!! Miss you and love you!