Monday, April 18, 2011


Now kids, it's time for me to introduce you to a little thing that is going to change your life for the better! It is called Swag Bucks. This is a web site where when you register (for free) and use their search engine, or do their special offers, or basically participate in anything on the site you earn points that are called, if you can believe it, Swag Bucks. These points translate into prizes. These prizes can be anything from gift cards to books, dvd's, beauty products and whatever else. The best prize in my opinion is gift cards to through which you can basically get anything in the world you might need or want. I started using swag bucks in the middle of January and I was skeptical about it but I have enough confidence and even excitement about it now that it is time I share it with my friends and family! You guys, you have to try it. I have earned over $50 in amazon credit just in three months and I plan on using this forever and hopefully getting all of my Christmas gifts with it. I did order these cute shoes that I have been wanting forever and they are on their way! YES! So to break it down- search like you regularly do on google, get points, get free stuff! So anyway I don't know what you are waiting for...please click the toolbar!

Search & Win

And if you are signing up here are a few tidbits I have found out as I have gone along.

You may redeem 2 prizes per day and 5 per month.
Your amazon gift cards (and probably other stuff) do not show up immediately, it takes a few days to process.
The fastest and most painless ways to earn swag bucks are: click through NOSO every day (just skip through each offer), click on Trusted Surveys every day and you earn 1 SB just for that, and do the Daily Poll as well as just use it as your search engine.
If you can win 15 SB per day that's enough for $5 to amazon per month.
There are a lot of other ways to earn SB so just explore the site. Buying Groupons through their link usually gets you over 400 SB. Just printing off and redeeming coupons from their site will get you 10 each.
Also! SB has a great referral program. For everyone you refer, you win when they win for the first 1,000 SB! That is amazing.
My little indulgence...

So what are you dreaming of getting for free with your SB?


  1. yeah i'll be trying this out. i've seen it on freebies2deals' blog... but never tried it. btw i really like those shoes!