Wednesday, April 13, 2011

best steal ever.



I paid 29 cents for 18 two-liter bottles of Diet Dr. Pepper.

A few months ago I was at the grocery store and there were some "peelies" as they are called (coupons that are stuck to bottles/boxes or what-not at the store) on the ddp for 55 cents off each. Naturally I took like twenty of them because coupons never come out for my favorite drink! Couldn't just leave them... Anyway this store doubles coupons on Tuesdays so I was hoping that with the doubling I'd get a whole dollar off sometime and if it was on sale it would be really really cheap. So last night I was driving home and I wasn't planning on going shopping but I realized it was Tuesday and these coupons had been burning a hole in my wallet for a couple of months and were about to expire. I went into the store, found the ddp and couldn't believe my eyes: 10 for $10 with my shoppers card! Coupons doubled! They were free. I had 18 coupons and low and behold look at this beautiful sight. I did have to pay taxes on it though so that's why I paid 29 cents. Totally fine. Literally pocket change.


  1. this is amazing. you seriously have a talent. & you are my hero.

  2. so funny you posted this because just yesterday Ty told tami that I want to be a coupon shopper and she said "have McKall talk to Sarah, she is so good at that. She helped Abby get a great deal on diapers the other day! Abby, McKall and Sarah should get together once a week and Sarah should teach them all about this!"
    so sarbear, what do you think?? haha

  3. I bet Jacob is pumped out of control!