Wednesday, March 23, 2011

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So this semester and more specifically these past few weeks have been nuts. I decided the other day that I was going to buy the cheapest day planner I could find and of course the school bookstore had a 2010-2011 school year planner on clearance for $2 so I got it. I knew that without something to keep me organized I would fall (more) behind, not get things done and then be sad. It's a cycle you know? So with all the things I needed to do today was the day. I had the day off of work and most of the time I decide all of the things I am going to do and I think I will be so productive and then.... I spend half the day doing nothing. Which I love! So I'm not complaining about that, but today was different. I went to class, then rounded up all of the things I needed for my errands and took two hours to complete the following:

Pick up a book at the Library
Sell some shirts at Plato's closet (not worth the trip)
Drop some other stuff at D.I.
Put in my 30 day notice at Gold's
Emissions test at Jiffy Lube
Ship a book back to where it came from
Costco (picked up a few things- ummm not used to spending so much in one trip! but it will be cheaper in the long run)

THEN guess what? I actually went back to school and did homework and found the stats lab and wow, my life is 100 times easier now that someone decided to inform me that there is a lab just for stats! The tutor that helped me was so good I honestly want to send him a thank you card or something. Nerdy? Probably. Sometimes I think about how good a student I could be if I didn't work every day while going to school. I could spend all day long with tutors and at the library just sippin' on some green smoothie and reading. Wow that would be the life.

But believe it or not guys, this post is about to get even nerdier than it was before! You can call me P. Dexter from now on if you want. I am in love with school. I do not always love having homework and being too busy to do other fun things that I would like to do, but that is trivial. My classes are so rad, and I honestly want to talk about them and think about them and read the books my profs assign me. I even want to read extra books because they mention it and I want to know more! I am constantly thinking about what I am learning and I am excited to go to class. I am majoring in Behavioral Science and my emphasis is undecided as of now between Psych and Family Studies. I might double up on those. Everything that I learn is so USABLE in every day life. I want to share everything with my friends and family because they are such important things to know! Especially my Marriage & Relationship Skills class. This needs to be a required general. If you go to UVU- take it! With the divorce rate what it is these days why wouldn't you want to work hard to make sure your current or future relationship is strong enough to withstand trials? Why wouldn't you want to be an emotionally healthy person who can make good choices using your heart AND your head? These are the things I think.

I might share some small tidbits. Okay - You know how when someone is getting married one of the most common pieces of advice is "Never go to bed mad." Guess what ya'll? This advice is terrible! Should you really stay up all night arguing? Is that the solution? The more tired you get, and the longer it lasts, the more escalated the situation becomes. When people do this they are usually worried that if they don't hash it out right away then the problem will not be resolved and the anger will fester inside us every day until we explode. Better solution: Take a time-out(this is hard to do, but it's worth it), if it is bed time try to sleep it off (also hard), and decide a good time to come back to the issue (very important, both people need to agree on this time and be ready to work it out.) This gives both parties time to calm down, think about it, and then later hopefully communicate about it and find a constructive way to resolve the problem.

I hope all is well wherever you all might be.


  1. Hey I am majoring in Behavioral Science!! so cool. and minoring in nutrition. we are major buddies!!

  2. Love it! I am a faithful day planner user! I can't go anywhere without it or I forget everything! haha I am obsessed!

  3. couldn't agree more with the "go to bed angry" one. worst advice. if i go to bed a little bothered i usually wake up in the morning and can't even remember what i was bugged at! glad we got to study and be nerds together today!

  4. I love that you love school and I love your tidbit of advice. We call that Rule #1 because everyone tells you to not go to bed mad. I'm glad you set me straight before the big day!!! :) Seriously.

  5. Malorie- It is the best major, so much fun! Katie- I need to be more like you so hopefully this habit will stick. Syb- YES I bet you wish as much as I do that we knew this advice earlier! haha. Des- I have a great book you should read. It's amazing. It's called Fighting for your Marriage and it is all based on scientific studies about what helps and hurts marriages. Also there are a bunch of other good ones if you want to know maybe I will do another post or we can chat or something.