Monday, February 28, 2011

toms times five.

So my husband is in a super cool band called The Vibrant Sound. He is also an Engineering student at BYU. A few weeks ago, a kid in one of his classes came up to him and acting completely starstruck, asked him if he was in that band. He said yes, and the guy asked him if he would be willing to give him drum lessons in exchange for shoes. Toms shoes! He gets them wholesale or something. Husband said heck yes, and today he got a surprise delivery. 5 pairs of brand new toms shoes! Much excite. Do you know the toms shoes story? For each pair you buy, Toms gives a pair to a child in need. Read more here. So, we love Toms. Now husband has 6 pair, and I have one.


Small tidbit: Husband texted me the other day and I thought it was funny so I will share it. He said it was ok. "Sketchers is making a shoe called Bobs that are identical to Toms. I will punch the first person I see wearing them." So watch out Sketchers, we do not think you are a worthy replacement.


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